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A glossary is an alphabetical list of words relevant to a particular field with the definitions for those words. A glossary always appears at the end of a book including words within that book which are either newly introduced, uncommon or specialized.

Contempo Technologies provides a list of jargons which are commonly used in search engine optimization or search engine marketing. Beginners can make use of this section to understand the terms used in the search engine optimization industry.

Absolute link : Link that shows the full URL of the page being linked
Adsense: Google's contextual ad network
Adwords: Google's cost per click ad system
Algorithm: A permanent server redirect - a change of address for a web page found in the htaccess file on apache servers. Also useful for dealing with canonical issues.
Analytics: A program which assists in gathering and analyzing data about website usage. Google analytics is a feature rich, popular, free analytics program.
Anchor text: The word on which the user clicks to move to another page
Alt tags: Alternate text associated with a web page graphic
Back link: A link from one website to another
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Consumer
Black hat SEO: Practicing optimization techniques that are not prescribed by search engines
Blog: A periodically updated online journal
Bookmark: The process of saving your favorite URL in your web browser
Bounce Rate: The percentage of users who enter a site and then leave it without viewing any other pages
Broken Link: A link which is no more functional
Blogroll: list of links on a blog linking to other blogs
Branded Keywords: Keywords or keyword phrases associated with a brand
Browser: Client used to view the world wide web
Cache: Memory in which frequently used data will be stored for rapid access
Client: A person or program that requests information
Cloaking: Serving a specific page to search engines and a different page to visitors
Clustering:Grouping of a number of identical things
Code Swapping: Changing the content after high rankings is achieved
Content: The part of a web page that is intended to have value for and be of interest to the user. Advertising, navigation, branding and boilerplate are not usually considered to be content
Cookie:A text file that certain sites attach to browser's hard drive.
CPA:Cost per Acquisition
CPC:Cost per click
CPM:Cost Per Thousand impressions- A statistical metric used to quantify the average value / cost of Pay Per Click advertisements. M - from the Roman numeral for one thousand
Cross link: A group of sites linking each other
DDL :Data definition language
Dead Link:A link that does not lead to another page
De listing: Removal of a site from search engine
Deep link: A link pointing to an internal page within the same website
DHTML:Dynamic hyper text markup language
Directory:Collection of websites
Domain :Location organization of web
Doorway Pages: Pages setup specifically for search engines. Once the visitor reaches the page, they are then redirected to another website
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