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Directory Submission

Online directories or web directories accept sites free to be included in to it. Their benefit is they get another site incorporated in their list. There are hundreds of directories, which are ready to give back links. Search engines consider directories as a collection of authority links to related sites from relevant categories

The benefits you enjoy submitting your sites on directories are
  • Search engines like directories, as they are high quality hubs.
  • Directories get good traffic your site
  • Some directories provide relevant anchor texts and this in turn will provide high ranking.
  • Transfers good Page Rank to your site.
  • Links are permanent and you only have to pay once for directory submission.
  • If you buy links, you monthly pay 10s or 100s of dollars.

Take for instance. They have their own specifications and rules to be followed before the submission of a site. Contempo Technologies sends a request letter to the respective directory and take on from there. We do adding titles, URL submission and every procedure, which has to be followed. A directory like DMOZ has strict rules and specifications and we will make sure that all those criteria are met.

It is of course a time consuming process especially when you are a high earning member. You will never want to sacrifice your daily income for getting in to another business. To scite an example, it takes around 30 minutes for an amateur in the field for submitting to a directory. In that case if you want to submit to a 100 directories you have to spend around 40-60 hours. If you spend 6 hours a day to complete the work you will take an average of 18 days to complete the work.

Contempo Technologies does the directory submission for a very mean price. You just have to pay an amount of $800 across 10 free directories. We provide you the best directory submission, not wasting your time, rather gaining more traffic to your site. More business and profit will be the net result.

For more information, contact us at or send a request for free Link building Quote.

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