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Web Development Test

1.Out of these, which is used for temporary redirects


2.What is called as deep linking?

making a link pointing to specific page on a website instead of home page
making a link pointing directly to a home page
making a link pointing only to a particular image

3.What implies if you see a 502 server error

internal server error
gateway timeout
bad gateway

4.Is seo and sem are alike?


5.Abbreviation for serp

search engine ranking position
search engine results page
search engine ranking priority

6.Which of this url structure is search engine friendly


7.Which of this is called as vortal?

8.Which of this is called as horizontal portals?

9.Who coined the term hypertext

ted nelson
Dave Raggett
Larry page

10. What is called as doorway pages

A page which redirects the visitors without their knowledge
A page with little content and stuffed with similar keywords
A page which is merely an amalgamation of content taken from other sources

11. Who is the inventor of the World Wide Web?

Larry page
Tim Berners Lee
Philip Emeagwali

12. A simplified mathematical term that google uses for its page rank algorithm is

permutation and combination

13. What is called as scraper site?

low-quality web pages created with very little content but are instead stuffed with very similar keywords and phrases
a website in which the specific presentation of content on these sites is unique, but is merely an amalgamation of content taken from other sources, often without permission
a website merely scraping content from other sites, to avoid penalties imposed by search engines for duplicate content.

14. Typosquatting is also called as

url hijacking
website hijacking
page hijacking

15.What is the abbreviation of hits algorithm

hyperlink induced teller search
hyperlink induced topic search
hyperlink induced term search

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