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A glossary is an alphabetical list of words relevant to a particular field with the definitions for those words. A glossary always appears at the end of a book including words within that book which are either newly introduced, uncommon or specialized.

Contempo Technologies provides a list of jargons which are commonly used in search engine optimization or search engine marketing. Beginners can make use of this section to understand the terms used in the search engine optimization industry.

Macro SEO : Group level seo. Used to promote a group of websites
Micro SEO:Site level optimization. Used to promote a single website
Meta Data:HTML data used to describe the content on the page
Meta Tag:HTML tag that provides information about a web document
Mirror: An ftp server that provide copies of file from other server
Natural Search:The results of a search that are not paid by sponsors
Navigation:The way through which an user can move around a web page
Nofollow:An html code that instructs search engine not to follow a link
Noindex:HTMl code that instructs search engine not to index a page
Off Page Optimization:The first page visited by a user on a website
On Page Optimization:Altering certain factors of a web page to rank well in search engines
One Way Link:A link from one site to another without getting a reciprocal link
OpenID:Allows user to use a single identity across internet
Outbound Link: A link going out from one site to another
Outlink:Out going link
PageRank:The weightage given to a page by Google
Pageviews:Number of times your webpage was viewed. Includes duplicate views by the same visitor
PPA:Pay Per Action
PPC:Pay per click
Permanent Links:Links which don't have an expiration date
Php:An open source server side programming language
Quality Content:Content which is linkworthy
Query:a term which an user enters in to search engine to search for
Reciprocal Links:Exchanging links between sites
Redirect:Alerting browsers that the page has moved
Relevancy:Measure of how important the search results are
Robots.txt: A file in the root directory of a website used to restrict and control the behavior of search engine spiders
ROI:Return On Investment
RSS:A software which allows users to subscribe to a post they are interested
Safari:A popular browser of Apple
Search Engine:Meaningless pages with keywords stuffed to spam search engines
Search Engine Marketing:Promoting websites through paid search or optimizing techniques
Search Engine Optimization:Techniques used to improve a website's rank in search engines Pages
SERP:Search Engine Results Page
Spider: A specialized bot used by search engines to find and add web pages to their indexes
Technorati:a search engine that indexes blogs
Three Way Link:A link scheme in which A links to B, B links to C and C links to A
Title Tag:A HTMl tag that defines the text on the top of web browser
Tweet:A post or status update on twitter
Traffic:amount of users who surf a site
Unique Visitor:Refers to the number of individual visitors to a site
URL:Uniform resource locator. The unique name or address of a page
Video Blogging:Blogging videos instead of written texts
Visitor:An unique individual on a website
White Hat SEO:Practices that doesn't violate internet guide lines
Wiki:Software that allows user to share information on a subject
Wordpress:An open source program for posting information
Word Count:Total number of words present in a web document
XML:Extensible Markup Language
XML Maps:Specially formatted links to your pages
Yahoo:One of the most popular search engines
Yahoo Site Explorer:Tool used to find the indexed pages of a website in yahoo
YouTube:A video uploading website owned by Google
Zeal:A non commercial directory
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