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Looksmart is a syndicated PPC search network that enables advertisers to reach to additional audiences on high-quality search marketing platform.It can reach a wide section of the Internet users.;Its distribution partners include Lycos, Infospace Network, CNET, Cox Interactive, and Apple's Sherlock.

Looksmart has two targeting options- keyword targeting and inclusion targeting. Keyword-targeted listings are placed by priority in sponsored search results. Placement of keyword-targeted listings within the Sponsored search results depends on CTR and the Max CPC for a listing's campaign. In inclusion targeting, listings are listed and ranked in the main section of search result pages across the Looksmart Network based solely on their relevance to a user's search query. These may appear in the Sponsored Results section at the top of the page on

Looksmart also has some additional management tools such as tracking, reporting and keyword selection tools. There is also no extra charge to add or update your listings or keywords.

Looksmart has the following minimum rates:

Inclusion targeting - $0.15
Keyword targeting - $0.10
Minimum monthly spend - $15

As with most other pay per click services, use of superlatives is not allowed unless verified by a third party. There must be a clear and obvious connection between the keyword phrase and the content or purpose of the destination page. It must be apparent that the level of service or product implied by the keyword is offered on the site.

Expand your Ppc reach at competitive prices and drive more traffic.

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