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Combining three different methods of serving ads Kanoodle offers an excellent Ppc program that is very promising.It has affiliate distribution agreements with,, and in the pay per click services market. Kanoodle directs a fair amount of quality targeted traffic to highly searched or top tiered keywords. It is with the help of programs like keyword target, context target and behavior target Kanoodle proposes to display adverts on quality search engines, editorial content and before potential customers by researching their surfing behavior.

Another distinguishing feature of Kanoodle is that they provide free banner impressions to the top bidder. Their Context Target gives you the option of choosing the contextual categories in contextual advertising. With the Auto scheduler you are able to make your listings go live or dead at any time at the required times.

BehaviorTarget enables Kanoodle to identify and build audience segments based on user behavior activity. As a result advertisers are able to target their sponsored links campaigns to reach their customers based on past Web behavior.It also has a Keyword suggestion tool. The Search Spy tool allows an advertiser to see what is being searched real time.

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