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FindWhat is one of the top pay per click services that is quite popular when compared to other methods.Offering ease to advertiser, it provides high value per click and targeted trafic.Its service to customer entire life cycle to reach the potential prospects and convert those prospects also includes portals with search engines on CNET's.Having a huge list of distribution partners it gives the advertisers a good deal of exposure.

Findwhat manages bids through two tools, AutoBid and BidOptimizer. Providing the lowest price for best position.AutoBid advertisers can set the maximum bid price and the rest will be managed continuously with this limit. Coming to the BidOptimizer,it ensures that the Keywords are positioned where they are desired in ranking. Maximum bid prices may also apply if the desired position requires a higher fee than the fee already set.

Control over;post-click analysis, keyword adding and updating, limiting budget spends, report and traffic generation is allowed by the FindWhat account manager.It also offers ad development services through Business Builder and it requires up to three days for reviewing the keywords.

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